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Become a Rope Flow Master

What is Rope Flow?

Your new favorite activity. A powerful calming meditative workout you will love to have in your life. We use the ropes with the best durability and feel so you just have to flow and enjoy.

Basics and Tutorials
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Shipping Questions

Do you Ship internationally?

Yes! Select your country on the botton on the website or when you are doing your checkout.

How does Shipping and delivery work?

After you make your order, we will pack it in the most minimalistic way, in our compostable satchel, without any plastic or not neccesary add on. No pouch, no cardboard box, just your beatiful ropes in a compostable mailer :D.

We might take up to 1 week to ship your order, as they are all hand stitched in the end and we don't have all the models ready all the time.

Domestic Shipping

We use sendle as is the most convenient and sustainable option on the market, they also have their own compostable satchels with even better rates :D.

International Shipping

We use sendle for Standard shipping worldwide, which takes between 13 and 25 business days.

For express shipping, we use DHL and the transit time is 3 to 5 business days.

How much do I pay for shipping?


Free Shipping


Free shipping over AUD 300

Standard (Sendle) 10 - 15 business days

0.5 kgs and under  USD 25

1 kg and under  USD 32

1.5 kgs and under  USD 40

2 kgs and under  USD 50

Express (DHL) 5 business days

0.5 kgs and under  USD 30

1 kg and under USD 35 

1.5 kgs and under USD 40

2 kgs and under USD 45

2.5 kgs and under USD 50

3 kgs and under USD 55

4 kgs and under USD 65

5 kgs USD 75

6 kgs USD 85

How do I track my order?

We will send you a shipping confirmation email which will have a Track Order button.

Product Questions

Size Guide

Our awesome ropes are 245 cms between handles. To select the length of your rope, step on the middle of it with one foot, and have both handles reach as high as possible. You can use the rope any length you like, the standard measurements would be to have the handles reach anywhere between your armpits and hips, depending on your preference.

What are these ropes made of?

There ropes are manufactured in Australia, made of double braided polyester, you will feel the flowgasm when you try them :D.