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Heavy Rope The Great White Shark 1.5 KG Rope Flow

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The Great White Shark, the pioneer of our Heavy Flow Rope series. Offering a colossal 1500 grams of resistance, this rope is specifically designed for those looking to supersize their strength, endurance, and power.

Just like its namesake, the Great White Shark exudes power, but in an oddly graceful way. While it is indeed heavy, it still maintains a bendy and soft nature, making it the perfect tool to practice rotational movements and gait patterns. The added weight not only challenges your strength and power, but it also demands more from your grip and shoulders, ensuring a well-rounded workout.


  • Ultimate Weight Challenge: At 1500 grams, the Great White Shark provides intense resistance to supercharge your strength and endurance training.
  • Unique Feel: Despite its heaviness, this rope retains a soft and flexible character, promoting smooth flow and graceful movements.
  • Grip Development: The hefty 28 mm diameter offers a unique grip challenge, building your hand and forearm strength.
  • Premium Australian Materials: Crafted from top-quality materials, the Great White Shark guarantees long-lasting performance.
  • Perfect Training Length: With 245 cms between handles, it's the ideal length for a wide range of movement patterns and flows.

The Great White Shark is meticulously crafted from the finest Australian materials, promising exceptional durability to stand up to your most intense workouts. The extra-thick 28 mm diameter rope provides an unparalleled grip experience that evolves as you train. Your grip and shoulders may experience fatigue initially, but will adapt and strengthen over time, enhancing your overall fitness and performance.

Embrace the weight. Embrace the challenge. Empower your movement with the Great White Shark Heavy Flow Rope.

Best Feel Best Flow

It is hard to describe the perfect rope, it feels almost like weightless but so connected to your hands, it doesn't coil and looks good when going fast or slow