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Winding Ropes

Kids Red Flow Rope 8 MM 100 grams Small, safe and Lightweight Rope

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Kids Flow Rope (Red) (8 mm, 100 g)

Rope Flow Training Rope for Kids

Product Features

  • Lightweight and soft design
  • Weighs just 100 grams and measures 205 cms in length
  • Smaller 4 pass handle for smaller hands
  • High-quality 8 mm polyester construction
  • Easy on the joints and perfect for rope flow workouts
  • Small and portable with a sustainable calico bag included
  • Suitable for both meditative and high-intensity workouts

Lightweight and Safe Design

Our lightweight flow rope for kids features smaller and lighter handles for safer use, making it easier for kids to get the hang of rope flow without risking injury.

High-Quality Materials

Crafted from high-quality 8 mm polyester, this rope weighs in at just 100 grams and measures 205 cms in length. It's gentle on joints, making it perfect for rope flow workouts.

Portable and Convenient

Take your child's rope flow routine on the go with this small and portable rope. It even comes with a sustainable calico bag for easy transportation.

Versatile Use

Whether your child prefers a meditative, relaxed session or a high-intensity workout, the Kids Flow Rope can accommodate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should the Kids Flow Rope be for my child's height?

  • no knots: 200 cms end to end, ideal for 158-168 cms
  • 2 knots: 178 cms end to end, ideal for 148-158 cms
  • 3 knots: 156 cms end to end, ideal for 138-148 cms

Order now and give your child the gift of rope flow mastery with Winding Ropes' Kids Flow Rope!

    Best Feel Best Flow

    It is hard to describe the perfect rope, it feels almost like weightless but so connected to your hands, it doesn't coil and looks good when going fast or slow