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Winding Ropes

Black Pararope 8.5 Kgs 34 MM rope Rare Edition

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Black Pararope 8.5 kg

Reference picture of the navy version, pictures will be updated soon.

Elevate your rope flow training with the Black Pararope, the heaviest and most advanced Pararope available. Weighing in at 8.5 kg, this premium double braided polyester rope delivers the torque and momentum needed for effective bodyweight shift and rotational training.

Key features:

  • 8 kg weight ensures optimal torque for efficient bodyweight shift and momentum management
  • High-quality double braided polyester rope with a diameter of 34mm
  • Ideal for rope flow training, throwing mechanics, gait pattern, and rotational training
  • Made in Australia using the finest materials
  • Rope flow benefits include increased coordination, balance, and mobility

Optimized for Rope Flow training: The Navy Pararope's weight on the end and long arm generate high torque for a unique and challenging training experience.

Crafted with 34mm of premium double braided polyester, the Black Pararope is built to endure even the most intense sessions. Its soft texture ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to focus on perfecting your rope flow techniques.

The Navy Pararope 8 kg is the ultimate choice for athletes seeking to improve their throwing mechanics, gait pattern, and rotational training.

Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, the Black Pararope 8.5 kg is an essential tool for enhancing your performance and reaping the rope flow benefits. Discover the art of rope flow in Australia with the Black Pararope 8.5 kg.

Best Feel Best Flow

It is hard to describe the perfect rope, it feels almost like weightless but so connected to your hands, it doesn't coil and looks good when going fast or slow