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Heavy Flow Rope 2.4 KGs 36 MM NAVY SHARK

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Our Heavy ropes are different to battle ropes, they are much softer and that makes it easier to roll and do rotational movements.

The perfect tool to train gait patterns & rotational movements. 

  • Train to increase strength and power.

  • 2.4 kgs to complement your strength and endurance training

  • 36 mm diameter
  • Go heavy. Go big. GET STRONG W/ THE BLACK SHARK! 

  • Master your movement and use your body as a whole unit.

  • 245 cms between handles. 260 cms Total length
  • Made from the best materials in Australia, Double braided Polyester, resistant and smooth

  • Grip shoulders, and core will thank you for this.

Best Feel Best Flow

It is hard to describe the perfect rope, it feels almost like weightless but so connected to your hands, it doesn't coil and looks good when going fast or slow