Minimalistic Sustainable Shipping

Minimalistic Sustainable Shipping

At Winding Ropes, one of our core values is accountability, we take responsibility for our results and for the effects we cause on us, and around us.

That is why we believe we must be conscious about the waste we create, and go the extra mile to cause as little harm as possible.

When it comes to shipping, these are the details we are thinking about :

Your ropes come in an Eco Friendly Pouch made of natural materials, without artificial colors or chemicals.

We don’t like using cardboards as they rely heavily on transport logistics (more trips and more greenhouse gas emissions) and on the recycling industry, which has shown time after time it is heavily corrupted and hard to trace.

The Compostable mailers have a much better use of space through their lifetime, since they use much less space to transport, store and ship.

Composting is a decentralised solution with less pollution from transport emissions and material processing. The materials biodegrade without leaving harmful toxins, just soil available for plants.

Even when not everyone has access to a composting bin, the compostable mailer will break down in the landfill without producing harmful toxins to the environment.

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