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Winding Ropes

Ghost Shark 18mm Heavy Flow Rope Entry Level

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Embark on an unmatched fitness journey with the Ghost Shark 18mm rope. Known as the perfect “light heavyweight” rope, it effortlessly bridges the gap between standard ropes (400-500g) and our heavier Shark series (900-1500g). The Ghost Shark is a formidable fitness companion designed for daily use. It provides the right amount of weight to challenge your skills, while also ensuring longer, fatigue-free training sessions.

Key Features:

  • Precision Craftsmanship: The Ghost Shark is meticulously crafted from top-grade Australian polyester, guaranteeing resilience and longevity against rigorous workouts.

  • Ideal Weight Balance: Skillfully balanced between standard and heavy ropes, the Ghost Shark offers an optimal weight that provides an engaging workout without compromising on the duration of training sessions.

  • Optimized Grip Training: Experience enhanced grip training with our newly designed handles. They're shorter, thicker, and perfect for improving forearm and hand strength, key to achieving intricate rope flow movements.

  • Eco-conscious Packaging: Reflecting our commitment to the environment, each Ghost Shark is delivered in a compostable mailer, from production to delivery, our eco-consciousness is intact.

Unlock your potential with the Ghost Shark 18mm, the epitome of strength, speed, and flexibility. This heavy rope challenges you, respects your rhythm, and helps you master your body movements as one cohesive unit. Embrace this unique blend of softness, speed, and strength and get ready to transcend your rope flow journey.

Best Feel Best Flow

It is hard to describe the perfect rope, it feels almost like weightless but so connected to your hands, it doesn't coil and looks good when going fast or slow