Rope Flow Melbourne FitzRoy Gardens Meet up

Rope Flow Melbourne FitzRoy Gardens Meet up

We had a great Rope flow session on Melbourne. Specifically on Fitzroy Gardens, next to the dolphin Fountain.

We had friends of different levels, we practiced beginners moves for starters, figure 8's, dragon rolls and cardinal points. (Check our tutorials )

With more advanced practitioners we also brought another toys to flow, like Steel maces and Pararopes ( Rope mace ) , and we could try the Heavy 9 kgs pararope, with the new modified handle to use like a kettlebell.

(Video Coming)

We were also working on our underhand sneaks (Watch tutorial), and for the more advanced ones, we tried the tandem sneaks, to mix some cardinal points and patterns :D. 

We put a lot of reps on the basic patterns with heavy ropes, Dragon Rolls, Figure 8's, Matador Wheels and Sneaks.

We even tried the Whale, a 5 kgs rope that we have on stock from time to time :D.

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