Rope Flow Winding Ropes Review by The Flowing Dutchman

Rope Flow Winding Ropes Review by The Flowing Dutchman

Unboxing and Reviewing Flow Ropes with The Flowing Dutchman

Introduction to RopeFlow

RopeFlow is an innovative fitness technique that enhances fluid movements and when progressing to heavier ropes, it will help you with the strength and control required for Indian Clubs and Steel Maces.

The Flowing Dutchman, a renowned coach in mace and club training, explores the benefits and techniques of RopeFlow in his latest YouTube video.

The Flowing Dutchman: Expert in Flow Training

Harbert Egberts, also known as The Flowing Dutchman, is a leading figure in the world of rotational training. As the founder of Dutch Flow Academy, he brings extensive knowledge and passion to teaching skills in handling Flow Ropes, Indian Clubs, and Steel Maces.

His dedication to these tools stems from his extensive research and training trips to India, where he studied traditional mace techniques​ (Dutch Flow Academy)​​ (Buzzsprout)​.

Unboxing Flow Ropes

In his recent video, The Flowing Dutchman unboxes and reviews three types of Flow Ropes. Here’s a detailed look at what he shared:

The Great White Shark

  • Weight: 1.5 kilograms
  • Description: This heavy rope offers significant resistance, making it ideal for building strength and enhancing muscle engagement. The Flowing Dutchman demonstrates how its thickness (around 2.8 cm) provides a challenging yet rewarding workout​ (Dutch Flow Academy)​.

The Baby Shark

  • Weight: 900 grams
  • Description: Designed for beginners or those seeking a moderate challenge, this rope is perfect for mastering basic movements and building up to more intense workouts. Its lighter weight allows for easier handling and smoother transitions​ (Dutch Flow Academy)​.

The Kush Chief

  • Weight: 550 grams
  • Description: Known for its popularity and versatility, the Kush Chief is excellent for beginners and experienced users alike. Its light weight makes it ideal for practicing intricate flow patterns and enhancing coordination​ (Dutch Flow Academy)​.

Benefits of RopeFlow

Improved Mobility and Flexibility

RopeFlow encourages dynamic movements that enhance joint flexibility and overall mobility. This technique is particularly beneficial for opening up the shoulders and engaging the core.

Enhanced Coordination

The complex patterns and sequences in RopeFlow improve hand-eye coordination and balance, translating to better performance in various sports and daily activities.

Full-Body Workout

RopeFlow targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a comprehensive workout that tones the arms, shoulders, core, and legs.

Integrating Indian Clubs and Steel Maces

The Flowing Dutchman also emphasizes the synergy between RopeFlow, Indian Clubs, and Steel Maces. Each tool offers unique benefits:

Indian Clubs

  • Focus: Shoulder mobility and wrist strength
  • Techniques: Front swings, side swings, and windmills enhance flexibility and coordination.

Steel Maces

  • Focus: Functional strength and core stability
  • Techniques: Mace swings, 360s, and mace presses build upper body strength and improve grip​ (Dutch Flow Academy)​​ (Buzzsprout)​.


RopeFlow, combined with the use of Flow Ropes, Indian Clubs, and Steel Maces, offers a unique and effective way to enhance your fitness routine. By incorporating these tools, you can improve your mobility, coordination, and strength while enjoying a versatile and engaging workout.

Watch The Flowing Dutchman’s full video to see these ropes in action and learn more about integrating RopeFlow into your training regimen.


Enjoy this video of the flowing dutchman trying some of our favorite ropes!

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