What Rope Should I choose?

What Rope Should I choose?

Are you new to rope training and wondering which rope is best for you? We're here to help!

At Winding Ropes, we believe in the ideal characteristics for a flow rope that will allow you to train rotational movements and practice rope flow. While the diameter and weight may vary, we strive to maintain these consistent features.

From newbies to veterans

For beginners, we recommend starting with our standard 12mm Flow Rope, which weighs 440 grams. This rope provides enough resistance to work your entire body without being too heavy. If you're looking for something a bit heavier, our premium 14mm ropes are a great option for all ages and weights.

Lightweight Ropes

If you have injuries or pain in your neck, shoulder, or arms, we also offer the 8mm red pocket and 10mm yellow devil ropes. These are easy to transport and allow for faster flowing.

Going Heavy!

For more experienced rope trainers, we have the Shark Series, including the Ghost Shark (750 grams, 18mm), Black Baby Shark (850 grams, 20mm), Baby Shark (900 grams, 20mm), and the Great White Shark (1.5 kgs, 28mm). These heavier ropes may require some adaptation, but our basic figure 8's are accessible for starting to feel the difference of using a heavy rope.

For those looking for a challenge, we offer limited editions of super heavy ropes and heavy rope maces, such as the Pararope.

Remember, there is no specific rope for relaxation or speed, but by choosing the proper rope for your skill level and goals, you can maximize your workout and achieve great results. Start your journey with Winding Ropes today!

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