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Small Chief High Quality Flow Rope 12 mm

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The Flow Rope Inspired by and made for our dopest brand ambassador, has a follow up rope joining The KUSH CHIEF SIGNATURE SERIES!


With a weight of 440 grams, the Small Chief delivers an ideal level of feedback, promoting a superior awareness of your body movements and facilitating your mastery over complex flow patterns. Our customer testimonials consistently praise the perfect balance of weight and texture, with many expressing their love for the 'just right' feel of the Kush Chief, especially during free flow sessions.

The Kush Chief isn't just a rope; it's your partner on a transformative journey to discover strength, flexibility, and unparalleled coordination.

  • roots, ropes, reggae to your rope flow your Kush Chief Signature series
  • Perfect Weight: 450 grams of Rope Flow, it's ideal for intermediates and adventurous beginners, offering a challenge that's satisfying without being overwhelming.

  • Enhanced Feedback: The weight  and 12 mm diameter provide improved feedback for refined technique and the broadening of your movement repertoire.

  • Unique Design: The dopest green and black design reflects the spirit of the Kush Chief series.

  • Whole Body Training: Enhance strength, resilience, coordination, and flexibility, master rotational movements and footwork. 

Best Feel Best Flow

It is hard to describe the perfect rope, it feels almost like weightless but so connected to your hands, it doesn't coil and looks good when going fast or slow