Rope Flow Melbourne FitzRoy Gardens Session 2023

We had a lovely Rope Flow session with heavy and regular flow ropes. 

 We had some beginners practice with our new friend Robyn, who came from the Epworth Hospital after spending some days there as a visitor.

It was a really nice encounter as it uplifted our day and she found a way to improve her mood and distract a little bit.

rope flow winding australia

She was able to learn the basics of ropeflow (You can find them on this FREE EBOOK)

RopeFlow Fight Sports Drills for Punching

Ben Watson visiting us from NSW, he is a MMA fighter and a great coach who is teaching rope flow.

We made some drills to practice punching with the heavy ropes, and also focused on the anchored moves and how they help us improve the mobility required to execute the patterns with a more fluid form. 

Here Ben is doing a Punching drill, anchoring one hand on front and including rotations on the punching motion.

Nate showing a new setup for the Navy Shark, when he makes it like a small kettlebell, now the rotations have a different timing, there is a different wave length, and we can try different movements and drills.

(video coming soon)

Robbyn showing her first experiences with the overhand Sneak. 

(OH sneak video coming)

Trying overhand Figure 8's without touching the floor, to work on keeping that active tension, then also fix one hand on top of the other, so you are required to do a steering motion, lowering one shoulder (coiled, short side) and raising the other one (Uncoiled, long side) .

(Video coming)

This is a drill that I love, it is called the 1 - 2 - 3 Switches,
it teaches you awareness of what you are doing, you have to be present, focused and relaxed.


It makes you vocalize, this will help you improve your learning as a result of a more vivid experience, since you are adding one extra sense ( hearing ), and one extra action (speaking).

Vocalizing is also a great way to improve mood and feel "bigger", many people find it hard to speak out and be heard, this is a lot of energy stucked and it feels so good to let it go out.

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